Wednesday, 2 May 2018

4 Amazing Hardwood Flooring Ideas for Your Bathroom

Unique Bathroom Flooring Ideas to Provide Your Home Character

Change the entire feel of your toilet just by changing the floor

Who says that hardwood flooring is just for the living area, dining area, and kitchen? People tend to believe tile is the one thing which will function in the wet area of a bathroom, but hardwood is at least as practical and fashionable in a completely new way. If you would like to overhaul your bathroom without needing to replace your sink and tub, consider focusing on the floor instead. Listed below are just four amazing toilet flooring suggestions to give you some inspiration:

Go Rustic

Let's face it -- you spend a lot of time in the bathroom. And for a lot of people, it is the room they retreat to when they need some peace, privacy, and serenity. The rich, rustic look of hardwood flooring is very good for creating the relaxing ambiance you're looking for. This look works particularly well in older houses that already have a rustic feel.

Go Bright

Many people prefer their toilet to have a great deal of natural lighting in order to provide a welcoming atmosphere and also to eliminate harsh inside lighting. A lightly colored hardwood flooring would look outstanding in a space like this. Perhaps due to its natural roots, hardwood flooring has a method of soaking up sun and create a warm glow.

Go Seamless

Among the greatest things about utilizing hardwood floors in the toilet is the fact that it will not make you disrupt the flooring you've got in the remainder of your dwelling. If the majority of your house already has hardwood floors, why don't you finish the plan and apply exactly the exact same pattern on your toilet? The general look is much better, and also the setup is significantly less of a weight as you don't need to take on two flooring jobs.

Move Modern

The wonderful thing about hardwood floors is it can accommodate a lot of fashions. You do not need to have a farmhouse in order for it to work superbly in the restroom. Particular styles of hardwood floors have a decidedly contemporary sense, which is frequently the appearance that the modern bathrooms attempt to make. Just imagine the way the sleek hardwood flooring would seem when emphasized by a fresh porcelain sink and bathtub together with modern chrome fittings.

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